Pyjamas with personality! Welcome to Bedtime Bugs.

We believe what you sleep in should express who you really are.

We are a tiny "hand made in Melbourne" company that has been making very bright, wild, funky, 'personality' pyjamas since 2000. We truly do make everything ourselves. There are two of us, no army of sewers in Australia or anywhere else overseas.


Our website pyjama collection has been hand made by us. Whether you call them pyjamas or pajamas, we have got them for the whole family: ladies pyjamas, men's pyjamas, kids pyjamas, nightgowns, night shirts, boxer shorts and pants, sleeping tees, robes, pyjama bags, bookseats for reading in bed, heating and cooling packs (wheat bags), toe socks, slipper socks, bamboo socks, wool and alpaca socks, baby ugg boots. We even have a whole range of pyjamas you can draw on and art up yourself. We call them "draw on" pyjamas and they come as a kit. The range includes: pyjamas, tee shirts and pillowcases. These make a wonderful activity and gift for pyjama parties and sleepovers.


Occasionally we supplement our range with other outstanding brands of similar quality. We have certified organic bamboo pyjamas and separates. We have two wonderful ranges in stretch rayon and viscose in neutral colours, and a splash of red for fun. We use only high quality natural fabrics. Because we do all the work ourselves, our workmanship is very superior. All the pyjamas are made to last and are hardwearing. The children's range has been extensively tested on our own children for years, and on other families since 2000.

We do offer custom made too, so please call or email us and tell us what you are looking for. Our hand made garments are very generous in size. We start at size one (12 months old) and go right up to 30 (womens) or 5XL (mens). We love how individual you are and we love making pyjamas to suit you. Whether they are wild, funky, outrageous, loud, colourful, quiet or conservative, we can make the pyjamas for your personality!

We change and add to our range constantly. If you would like to keep in touch, please join the Bug Club. It's free and we promise not to bug your email inbox too much!

Thanks for visiting. Sleep well,

Claudine and Carina.

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