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Everyone has different needs when it comes to their sleepwear. If you have different measurements to what we have listed on our measurements page or if you just want something that says more about you, then please contact us and tell us what you would like.

We have made the process as easy as 1, 2, 3...


1. Pick a style

Step 1

Choose from pyjamas, nightshirts, tops, bottoms. You can add pockets or fly fronts, etc.

View some of our styles:


2. Select your favourite fabrics

Step 2

We have hundreds of fabrics so tell us what you are looking for. Help us narrow down the search. Start with your favourite colours or themes ie. Dogs, cats, cars, fish. We will photograph some options for you and email or sms them to you. Or if you are a touchy feely person, we can send you some swatches.




3. We make it happen

Step 3

Because everyone is different, we will have to ask some more questions about you, like your measurements, your height. We want to get it right. Then, we do our thing. Normally for custom made, it will take us 3 weeks plus delivery time.





Prices for custom made

Custom made garments cost a bit more to produce so we try to do this as cost effectively as we can for you. For very little extra, you can have a pair of pyjamas that says everything about your personality, and fits just you. Here's how it works: Just add the "custom charge" to the regular garment price of what you wish to order, and that will give you the total cost of the customized garment.

Ladies and Men's button through full pyjama (top and pants): +$30.00
Ladies and Men's pants only: +$15.00
Ladies and Men's boxer shorts: +$10.00
Ladies or Men's Nightshirts: +20.00
Kids Pyjamas: +20.00
Kids Nightgowns/nightshirts: +15.00
Boxer shorts/pants: +10.00

Example: A ladies full pyjama usually costs about $110.00. If you wish to do a custom made version, the total cost will be $110.00 + $30.00 = $140.00.

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