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Sizing Chart

Pyjamas made by Bedtime Bugs are very generous garments. They are not like other garments made overseas. We do not skimp on fabric. Our garments are made for comfort and for normal Australian sizes.

Please check your own measurements against the relevant table below. The table measurements are the actual measurements of the finished garments. If you have any problems, please email us with your measurements, and we will help you decide what size is appropriate for you.

If your measurements are different to the measurements on our tables, or you are different sizes top and bottom, please contact us as you may wish to have a garment custom made. See our custom made section for more information.

Cotton Nightshirts

  Chest Length
X-Small 109cm 103cm
Small 124cm 107cm
Medium 134cm 110cm
Large 144cm 110cm
X-Large 150cm 114cm

* Length = shoulder to hem

Flannelette Nightshirts

  Chest Length
X-Small 109cm 115cm
Small 124cm 120cm
Medium 134cm 123cm
Large 144cm 123cm
X-Large 150cm 127cm

* Length = shoulder to hem

Ladies Pyjamas

  Size 8 Size 10 Size 12 Size 14 Size 16 Size 18
Chest 108cm 116cm 122cm 128cm 136cm 148cm
Top length 68cm 69cm 70cm 72cm 73cm 73cm
Long pant: outside leg 100cm 102cm 104cm 105cm 107cm 108cm
Long pant: inside leg 73cm 73cm 74cm 74cm 75cm 75cm
Fits waist approx. 66-74cm 75-81cm 82-86cm 87-92cm 93-102cm 102-112cm
Fits hip approx. 82-86cm 90-94cm 98-102cm 106-110cm 115-120cm 125-130cm
3/4 pant outside leg 68cm 71cm 73cm 74cm 75cm 76cm
Boxer short outside leg 35cm 37cm 39cm 40cm 41cm  

* Top length = shoulder to hem

Mens Pyjamas

  X-Small Small Medium Large
Chest 116cm 122cm 128cm 136cm
Top length 75cm 77cm 79cm 81cm
Long pant: outside leg 99cm 103cm 111cm 115cm
Long pant: inside leg 69cm 74cm 82cm 82cm
Fits waist approx. 66-74cm 75-81cm 82-86cm 87-92cm
Fits hip approx. 71-76cm 77-86cm 87-96cm 97-110cm
Boxer short outside leg 46cm 47cm 49cm 57cm

* Top length = shoulder to hem

Kids Pyjamas

  Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4 Size 5 Size 6 Size 8 Size 10 Size 12 Size 14
Top length (shoulder to hem) 42cm 43cm 47cm 48cm 51cm 53cm 58cm 60cm 66cm 68cm
Around the chest 80cm 82cm 82cm 84cm 84cm 92cm 96cm 96cm 108cm 108cm
Waist (elastic measurement) 46cm 46cm 48cm 48cm 54cm 54cm 54cm 58cm 62cm 62cm
Pant outside leg 43cm 51cm 54cm 66cm 69cm 71cm 86cm 89cm 100cm 100cm
Pant inside leg 22cm 29cm 34cm 46cm 48cm 51cm 61cm 63cm 70cm 70cm
Boxer short outside leg   26cm 27cm 28cm 30cm 31cm 37cm 40cm 46cm 52cm

* Note: Kids sizes correspond to the age of the child. For example a size 8 is suitable for an 8 year old child. Our sizes are very generous and provide a lot of growing room. We also compensate for shrinkage. Sizes 12-14 boxer shorts are board short length.

Bamboo Nightgown Sizing

  Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large
Will fit ladies size Size 8-Size 10 Size 12 Size 14 Size 16 Size 18

* Our bamboo fabric is very stretchy, and is nicely figure hugging

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